Friday, October 22, 2010

What its all about

Studio live fit is my baby.

 I opened the company just 6 months ago. I believe in supporting people with the fitness needs and providing them with a health oriented facility to have fun in. Here we all Live it Walk it Talk it. Fitness is of the upmost importance to staff and myself. Through diet and exercise we all work to keep ourselves happy and fit.

Melanie - The Nutritionist and Spin instructor, will greet you when you first arrive and make you feel warm and welcome with her powerful smile and warm energy

Jessica - The Massage therapist, spin instructor, and personal trainer, who will make you feel comfortable and powerful with your fitness goals and accomplishments.

Inna - Zumba Instructor, she will wow you with her movements and impress you with how through her gentle guidance you are dancing like a pro.

Petra - Yoga Instructor, her grace and energy will calm and relax your troubled stressed mind, as her soothing voice takes you into a deeper level of meditation.

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